The mysticism of this collection reminds of the unity and harmony of Hinduism and their way of expressing through Mandala symbols.

Each piece has a symbolic charge that will allow you to strengthen the connection you have with your beauty and inner power.

Open Gap RingOpen Gap Ring

Open Gap Ring

$ 964
Beaded RingBeaded Ring

Beaded Ring

$ 1,029
Beaded NecklaceBeaded Necklace

Beaded Necklace

$ 1,139
Beaded EarringBeaded Earring

Beaded Earring

$ 1,585
Dainty Chain EarringDainty Chain Earring

Dainty Chain Earring

$ 1,068
Coins RingCoins Ring

Coins Ring

$ 964
Mandala Big RingMandala Big Ring

Mandala Big Ring

$ 1,462
Mandala Medium RingMandala Medium Ring

Mandala Medium Ring

$ 1,430
Mandala Small RingMandala Small Ring

Mandala Small Ring

$ 1,329
Mandala Big CuffMandala Big Cuff

Mandala Big Cuff

$ 4,908
Mandala Medium CuffMandala Medium Cuff

Mandala Medium Cuff

$ 4,087
Mandala Small CuffMandala Small Cuff

Mandala Small Cuff

$ 3,900